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Special distribution and celebratory events are enjoyed by our members throughout the year.

Easter Build-A-Basket

Members can hop in to fill a basket for the children living in their household.  Please bring an empty basket for each child - but leave those kids at home so it'll be a surprise!

We collect Easter donations throughout the year but prefer they arrive only a couple of weeks beforehand.

Appreciation Summer Picnic

Members and their adoptees are welcome to join us at the warehouse to celebrate the community of Gleaners!  We will provide food, games, and a raffle. Please bring a blanket or chair to sit on.

Back-to-School Giveaway

Come in to select school supplies for school-age children living in a member household.  We usually have paper, pens, crayons, backpacks, and lunch boxes. Some items are new and others are donated from unclaimed lost-and-found in the community.

Halloween Costume Exchange

Bring your Ghouls & Goblins to the Resource Center to choose their own costume.  Limit 1 costume per person living in your member household, adults included.

Also please bring any good condition costumes you have at home to trade for others reuse.

Christmas Giveaway

Members can select toys and stocking stuffers for each child living in a member household.  We like to be sure there are enough toys in the right age groups so please let us know if there have been changes in your family.  Also, remember to leave the children at home so their gifts will be a surprise!

We will also have Christmas decorations at the event and the Resource Center afterward.  And consider donating unwanted decorations for others to enjoy.

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