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You don't have to be a member to be our volunteer! As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we are happy to have all the help we can get.  We especially appreciate those who can give a set amount of hours each week  and can accommodate for  corporate or community groups looking to complete a project.

Click To Read About Volunteer Position (Green Highlighted area help is needed in)

Accounts Payable Clerk                                           Donations Coordinator                                            Office Assistant

Accounts Receivable Clerk                                      Forklift Driver                                                             Receiving Clerk

Adoptee Coordinator                                               Freezer/Cooler Control Person                               Receptionist

Box Filler                                                                    Information Tech (IT)                                                 Resource Center Worker 

Breakroom Worker                                                  Load Clerk                                                                    Team Hauler 

Community Relations                                              Maintenance                                                               Truck Driver (CDL Not Required)

Data Entry                                                                  Meat/Speciality Clerk                                                 Volunteer Coordinator

Distribution Clerk                                                     Member at Large Assistant 

If Interested in Volunteering please fill out an application here.

Fulfill your Community Service Hours!  Working at the Warehouse is a great way to fulfill your court-ordered hours.  You will help alongside our regular volunteers sorting food, building pallets, and cleaning the facility.  We operate 5 days a week, hours may vary.  Please contact us at (503) 655-8740

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