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Members join a team where they receive food, work required hours, and attend meetings.

Through our network of local team sites, we get food to hungry families. Each team has a leader who coordinates members to cover all duties necessary to make the month run smoothly. The number of members depends on its size and needs.  

We require every member to work a minimum of 4 hours per month and give priority to meeting the team's needs first. Your hours can be fulfilled during a load day, helping at the warehouse, or behind the scenes such as organizing or cleaning to keep things running smoothly. 


Below is an example of what a team 'load day' looks like and a map of our current team locations:

Typical Team Load Day

Team will send load builder

Hauler brings pallets of food from the warehouse to site

Sorters equally distribute food into teammate boxes

Members share a portion of food with their adoptee

Members process and store food for their families

Map of Current Teams

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