Welcome! We are honored you've considered joining Gleaners of Clackamas County. We are committed to reducing hunger and economic hardship by increasing food options for low-income families. Below is important information you need to know about being a member before applying and please click here for Income Guidelines.

We Give:

As Gleaners, we work within a team giving our time and sharing food, but we also share with others.  These are a few requirements expected if you want to glean with us.


Pay monthly membership fee

Work 4 hours minimum each month

Share your food with an elder or disabled individual in need

Attend team meetings

We Receive:

Gleaners receive a lot!  It's more than just a box of food, these are the main resources we access, but be sure there are more.

Receive food

1-2 times per week

Pickup free clothing at the resource center

Access our Metro shelves for free chemicals for the home, car or garden

How to Apply:

First, complete both the member and adoptee applications. If you do not know of someone to adopt, you can call us and our adoptee coordinator will give you a name from the waiting list.


Once you have completed the forms you may come to the warehouse where the receptionist will verify your information, go over the membership requirements with you, and match you to an open team.